About the Vocabulary in Action Program


Available in digital editions, Vocabulary in Action challenges students to learn and retain the meanings of words through helpful definitions and rules of vocabulary are included right in each chapter to strengthen students’ knowledge of words.


  • Vocabulary practice is presented in context in a variety of formats

  • Weekly spelling lists and vocabulary quizzes provide assessment of student needs

  • Opportunities for vocabulary practice and testing are interspersed throughout the program

  • Interactive vocabulary activities and games help students learn prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, and antonyms

Program Components

Vocabulary In Action Teacher Book

Vocabulary in Action simplifies teaching vocabulary with vocabulary lessons that include interactive vocabulary games and other creative vocabulary exercises.

Testing Program

Monitor your students’ grasp of vocabulary words with vocabulary quizzes and tests. This reproducible, supplemental testing program comes complete with a built-in answer key.


Vocabulary In Action Student Book

The Vocabulary in Action vocabulary workbook helps students learn new words by using them in context. Vocabulary exercises include interactive vocabulary games, vocabulary quizzes, and more.


Vocabulary in Action Online Resources

Interactive online quizzes. Students take quizzes online and can view scores and print correct answers and errors as a study guide.

View a sample of the online quizzes.

Blackline masters for all pretests, chapter tests, and cumulative assessments. Also available as an editable text document that you can download, customize, and print.

View a sample of the pretest.

View a sample of the chapter test.

Interactive online word searches and crossword puzzles to review words from cumulative reviews.

View a sample of the word searches.

View a sample of the crossword puzzles.

Blackline masters word lists for words and definitions from each chapter. Students can use these handy lists as study guides.

View a sample of the word list and definitions.